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Quotes Khalitha is a Godsend - it is like she came down from the heavens. I am fortunate enough to work in an office that provides chair massages for us. Every single time that Khalitha has come to our office, I get so much relief. She manages to find every spot and knot in my back and shoulders and neck and relieves me of the tension. It makes for a much more productive day when you are not in pain from sitting at your computer all day. Thank you Khalitha!!!!! We love you!!! Quotes
Kimberly Melton
Account Manager

Quotes The best massage therapist I have the pleasure to know. To know that she catered to the needs that I needed during my session was remarkable. Let alone to be surprised with another session as an anniversary gift. I recommend her gifted hands to anyone thats in need of a massage. Theres nothing like having Ms. Khalitha Russell as your massage therapist!!! Quotes
Jamie Simmons
Busy Mom and Wife

Quotes I was at work one day and I could not get rid of this migraine that I was having for the past 3 days. I took Tylenol,Excedrin,Etc....still the migraine was there. I called Khalitha R. up and she did a massage around my neck deep tissue and it went away instantly I have not had 1 since it was amazing I didn't know that a massage could take headaches away. I was proven wrong that day now I am a loyal customer and will continue to. If you have not gotten a massage from Khalitha I say what's the hold up she is one of the BEST...... Quotes
Ieshia Ridley
Best decision I ever made!!!!!

Quotes OMG !! Talk about wonderful! I lead a very intense life style . Omni Mobile Massage understands. I've only had one massage in my life, years ago. The ULTIMATE masseuse Khalitha R. came to my home and blessed me abundantly!! This won't be my last time I treat myself! Thank you RT . Quotes
Renee Thompson
"Delighted Beneficiary "

Quotes I was I'm heaven best 150 I have ever spent!!!! I am and will be a returning client! And the infant message is amazing what it dose to my daughter she is less colic and soothed more !!! Khalitha is a wonderful masseuse and I recommend her to the world! Quotes
Satisfied mommy

Quotes I love Omni Mobile Massage! As a busy mom, I was running in all directions and needed some relaxation. Omni Mobile Massage came to my job to make receiving my massage convenient. Their massage therapist, Khalitha, is AMAZING!! Quotes
Debra Ross
Busy mom